More thoughts about 1x04 of House of Cards…

I’m disappointed. I really liked Frank until watching the end of this episode, because he strongly reminded me of Tarrlok, what with the huge ambition, the charisma, the manipulation, and all. But in this episode, Frank crossed the line from…

frank underwood is a great character because he’s so awful, yet so (frighteningly) human. i encourage you to keep watching until at least EP 7, in which he visits his alma mater. some things that make you rethink his character (and the “human experience,” if you will) will happen.

which, if we need to make comparisons between him and tarrlok (and they certainly are abundant—check out that scene where he actually gets shit done in congress, never mind his means. gave me chills), is kinda like how tarrlok seemed like a complete douche for a while, until we saw another side of him as he sat in that cell.

of course, don’t expect frank to ever redeem himself as tarrlok did. as it turns out, they are very different characters. imho tarrlok was just a garden variety asshole, whereas frank is a straight up questionable and confusing human being.

edit: and let’s not forget how frank, like tarrlok (presumeably) rose from being a nobody in a shithole town to a politician of great prominence. that whole scene where he goes back to his hometown and talks about why he likes to remind himself about where he came from is great