Conclusion: I’m still weirdly compelled to like LoK, but there are times when I want to yell, ‘I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU! WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU!’ at the writing team.

Everything else about the show - the animation (well okay not including chunks of S2), the direction, the…


After this finale, I think I figured out what the thematic endgame of the series is — Korra’s going to teach the world to keep balance whether the Avatar is around or not.

As awful as Korra’s current situation is, I feel like it’s going to be something that she will end up learning from. And, if…

i like this. between all the “no one needs you, korra” and “we need the avatar more than ever now” statements, this is a good solution for the world

(and, more importantly, for my poor bb korra)